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The Meister Farm & Winery: Galilee bliss for the budget tourist!

meister farmWe recently had the pleasure of staying at the Meister Farm and Winery, located in the Upper Galilee, and just 5 minutes from Rosh Pina – and enjoyed it immensely!

Seriously, if you’re looking for some budget family fun in the Upper Galilee – and being this close to Rosh Pina means you’ve got a great place to base yourselves – then this is the perfect spot for you. The best thing about the Meister Farm and Winery is that it has a whole bunch of things to see and do, so you might not even end up heading out to the nearby attractions of Rosh Pina!

August 21, 2017 | By More

Khan (Han) Ein Gedi: your new option for budget vacationing in the Dead Sea!

khan ein gediThe Dead Sea area isn’t an area full of great, cheap options for a budget vacation – but with the newly opened Khan (Han) Ein Gedi (or the Ein Gedi Camplodge) on your radar, things are hopefully changing!

We recently went out on our caravan tour of Israel and soon found out that options were indeed very limited (you have the overnight camping site at Masada (which was actually closed for most of the 2017 summer) or the very very basic site at the Ein Gedi Spa) – however, by chance we came across the Khan Ein Gedi site and were quickly convinced that it was the best option in town!

August 20, 2017 | By More
Camping at the Sea of Galilee? This is the only beach you’ll need…

Camping at the Sea of Galilee? This is the only beach you’ll need…

First of all, I have to say that camping at the Sea of Galilee in recent years has become a bit of a nightmare, especially during the holiday season (we did warn you). As a result, we’ve started to steer clear of camping out under the stars around this wonderful lake…

However, as part of our amazing 32-day family adventure across Israel, we decided to give the Sea of Galilee another chance – to be more specific, Susita Beach, next to Ein Gev on the Eastern shore of the lake.

And we were happy little campers!

August 20, 2016 | By More